InDecision and Magic

Given the choice of one…is easy!Draw One...

add another one… it’s a juggle!

make it’s  InDecision!

The objects equal the choices…

the internet a powerful tool…

options overflow…

do they work for you….

Research, questions and InDecision…

a continuous flow of I Don’t Know!!

I have things I want to sell like many of us. Coming to realize that E-Bay isn’t what you expect it to be. When you are a newbie you are limited to 10 posts a month, even if an item sells. I am so over that!!

I have listings on E-Bay sitting there and unsure once they expire that I can even list any more. Hmm.

I looked into E-Bay Classifieds. They are like any other classifieds with NO payment options. You have to meet someone in person.

The Facebook Groups are the same way. All meet ups. Local of course. These two options would work for most of what I have, really all of what I have.

One thing leaves me another option and that is my Art, Which I could list on Etsy.

Here are all of my options equaling three apiece. I have had InDecision regarding these for a couple of weeks now.

Until, a conversation with my daughter changed everything. What a message she passed on to me and I love it!!

She said… ” write on a separate piece of paper the item and put them in a hat” mix them up and draw the one that is meant for you to sell” …  Then do the same with the websites!! Brilliant!!

This worked out perfectly for me!! I drew the item first but did not look. After drawing the website I looked at both and it was like magic how they fit together . I asked my guides to help me as I was feeling each one and mixing them. My thoughts were asking what was meant for me and I received my answer more clear than I ever imagined!!!!

What I Drew


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