He Makes Me Laugh~


He makes me Laugh…

giggle… giggle…

Deeper it flows…

into my belly…

He’s so silly…

ohh that face….

He makes me laugh…

to tears they flow….

my breath …it goes..


ohhh my….

I cannot stop……

Joy fills my spirit, body and soul….

he makes me laugh…..

Don’t ya know….

It’s hard to stop…

I gasp…

I laugh….

I don’t know how the time passed….

the joy he gives…

to he and I…

I love him so…

He makes me LAUGH…..

Love and Laughter

7 thoughts on “He Makes Me Laugh~

  1. I feel like giggling too, he seems to bring so much sunshine in your life…like my grandson makes me smile and laugh…awww, to live long enough to enjoy grandchildren….life IS good!

    1. Ahhh yes, I know your feelings very well ♥ As am I blessed with 3 beautiful grandchildren… Life is Wonderful!!!
      I do hope the sun is shining for you and your son as well… XO

      1. Thank you! My son is grieving and I avoided writing this during my break at work as I realized I am too…I so love my daughter in law…I miss her too. Send him good vibes and think of Oli in your prayers. Thanks so much, Namaste

        1. I shall do just that… prayers are powerful and truly reach others.. I will pray for all of you so that you may heal , have contentment, compassion and always be in love ♥ Peace is with you and in you all and may you be sprinkled with all of that and more by your angels tonight as the wrap their wings around you all as you have restful sleep tonight and the months ahead ♥

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