A Follower I Fear(ed) ~ A Sign?

There I was sitting by the fire with my soft Yellow blanket and Yummy warm apple cider….

The sunshine peeking through the clouds to help warm me from the breeze….

A fire can be very captivating with it’s colors flickering before you…

My thoughts travel from tree to leaf, stick to flower and breeze blowing them to and fro…..

The ground was damp but I had warmth all around me…

Snapping pictures here and there as I get inspired to do…

Nature has a way of enticing you…

That is until a spider comes along!!….

Not just any spider but a curious one…………….Creepy….

A very creepy fear of mine, at least when we are to close…

I put distance between us and snap a few macro’s….

This spider followed me ….. it even seemed to look up…..

Is it Posing for the camera.. Haha…

This went on for a few feet into the yard…

Then I went back to my blanket and cider…..

Still feeling as if there was something, (the Spider behind me)

I kept turning around, looking… eh nothing was there…..UNTIL…

I almost squished!!! The Spider on the blanket behind me!!!!

I apologize to it for almost ending it’s life…

Then thanked it for the sign it brought into my life…

For there is always a reason when things just show up….

I still haven’t figured out if it has to do with facing my fears but looking up the meaning as I always do seems synchronistic to my life at the  moment……Here is a link for the meaning 😉


My Follower

A Sign..

A Creepy Follower

2 thoughts on “A Follower I Fear(ed) ~ A Sign?

  1. So interesting, as I had a spider visit just recently myself! I too knew that there was a message from this spider, and reading about spider in my copy of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews shed some light for me. Thanks for a great post to remind us of all the ways that messages can come to us –

    1. WoW, what synchronicity.. for us to be so aware of our surroundings! The Universe is Amazing… I really need to get that book, I have passed it up before and wished I hadn’t 😉
      I hope your messages continue to be pure of light and that they bring you comfort.. Always 😉

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