Grandmother Moon

As I sat under Grandmother Moon,

She was full and Bright,

Ready to receive,

What I released tonight,

She welcomed,

That of which,

No longer serves me,

Within her fullness,

She claimed my release

With unconditional love,

As the embers burned,

Brother Wind and My Guides alike,

Carried smokes traces,

Never to be a part of me, again.

Grateful am I for her acceptance,

ask I ask her to fill my now empty places,

With love, light, peace and joy,

She obliges with her grace,

Her power profound,

A miracle, a gift she is to cherish.

Thank You,

Grandmother Moon ♥Receiving Gifts

4 thoughts on “Grandmother Moon

    1. I hope you received what you needed from her tonight….she is still there ready to receive what your intentions are. even if you make your request from your heart ♥
      Thank You for your compliment as well ♥

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