Mother Mary

I have never worked with charcoal’s before. I love to draw but am not that great at portraits,faces and even shading.
Not a class one have I taken. Self taught with some great advice from my mom(that I don’t always remeber.
I like to just go with the flow and see what becomes of it. Sometimes you just never know if you don’t have a real big plan 😉
I Love Mother Mary, she is my Ascended Master. I am grateful to have her with me. So tonight was my night to capture her image on a whim, wanting to create her image as I thought she may look. I have seen many….but…not my own and I know she just loves it so I shall too………

Mother Mary

Now the picture is with the post~ I need to remember not to post/share anything from Pics’art Studio. My phone doesnt work for posting pic’s very well either. Sorry for any confusion… I hope you enjoy ♥

P.S. there are some gold and silver colored pencils in this as well. that is where the tad bit of color comes from.

4 thoughts on “Mother Mary

    1. I took one oil painting class at 18 with my mom, painted 1 1/2 pictures and haven’t touched it since. Nor have I taken another creative art class. Hands on gives experience and this is what I do. If I am interested I try it and go from there, Never have liked a pattern or lessons……………..The Piano on the other hand, that may take a few lessons..
      No Matter what you choose , I am sure You will do Beautifully at it ♥

  1. Your Mother Mary leans toward the abstract side and she is very well done. Be proud of her my daughter. She is very well done indeed! No matter what you want to do, all it takes is practice, practice, practice! Through the many things in life I have tried my hand at, my love for the arts and crafts keep drawing me back. You are finding that in yourself now and there is no greater time than the present to start trying new things and refreshing the old ones from the past.

    1. Thank You My Mentor(mom) I have always followed as best in your foot steps and at the same time created my own path of creativity. Keeping all that we have in common with me.
      Like you I enjoy experimenting with new things and try all the ones that I think I’ll enjoy….Generally with out a pattern…lol

      I am grateful you gave me the charcoals to try…these are going to be interesting 😉
      I Love You XO

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