My Art Heals Me~

As I said before, I love to create art in many ways which leads me to the decision to give sharing a try here on my new blog. 

This isn’t my first attempt and hmm it may be my last, though I’m not sure…. there is always tumbler…right?

While only being here on WordPress for almost 2 weeks I have gotten more love than on any other site. I am grateful for that and shall continue to be.

We all have some sort of expectations when we begin to blog, this is true and as long as we keep them at a happy medium then which ever the turnout is we should be content in that. I have found myself having High expectations with no replies, what a let down!

I have learned to let it flow and see what happens with some expectations. Now that I am here on this blog, all has exceeded what I had expected. What a huge Bonus, yes Thank You Again!!

Now that I did more rambling than anything…

The point of this post is to share some of my art creations…and my only expectations are for you to enjoy ♥

Art of all forms is healing….

Dream Spirit
Dream Spirit


2 thoughts on “My Art Heals Me~

  1. WordPress is such a wonderful community!! Oh, and there truly is so much healing power in art. Happy to have you here. Have a beautiful Saturday. – Noora

    1. I sure have become very grateful for being here and finding what I was looking for in a community…
      Thank You for feeling mutual regarding Art~ Those who create know it best 😉
      I hope your Saturday is as beautiful as mine is and that the sun is shining where you may be ♥

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