Healing Journey~

images (25)Today marks yet another day on my continued journey becoming a Reiki Healer. My wonderful teacher has attuned me thus far in Reiki II. Today we are going to work on someone very special to me whom has graciously volunteered, my mother ♥

My mom is unfamiliar with a lot of how Reiki works  but is willing all the same because of her trust in me and her knowing that it is all done with loving intentions. I am grateful that she is going to be a part of this with me. Also I am very grateful to share healing light with her so that she may have some much needed healing. This in turn always helps me to grow and heal as well ♥

A healer I have been in many ways throughout my life, this is a calling for me. This is just the beginning for me as a Reiki II Practitioner. I am grateful to have been lead this far and to have found this that I may share with others. I am a vessel for healing light so that we may heal and help the world become a more loving place. Helping others to heal, to feel blessed and to be able to function in a loving grateful way everyday is just one of my goals.

Always coming from a place of love which lies within my heart, the authentic…Me

Namaste… to you and your journeys ♥

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